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    Hi Jonathan,
    in your books, you repeatedly treat class antagonisms, describe the world of the super-rich and contrast them with the lives of ordinary people who are suffering the consequences of neoliberal money accumulation at the top end of the income scale.
    Just like Ken Loach does in his films (whatever you think of him).
    These topics are fundamentally "difficult to sell" in Germany.
    The common German middle class Arthouse moviegoers, for instance, prefers French fare, in which one watches the Bourgoisie having fun. Sorry ;-).
    To mention the very existence of classes is a challenge for some.
    Nevertheless, there is at least good cabaret here in Germany (you made your thoughts about it) that enjoys a considerable popularity Stand up comedy here is more non political compared to good old political cabaret (dont know if you know this in britain at all) but things are changing slowly.
    Funny van Dannen is one of them, but for me he is above all an ingenious poet, who knows how to tell absurd stories in his partly melancholic, partly funny songs.

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