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    I just thought Jonathan’s regulars would like to know that a musical setting of his poem The Munich Train appears on a rather wonderful and competitively priced new album by Louis Philippe and the excellent Swedish band Testbild! which, rather confusingly, they’ve chosen to release under the name The Ocean Tango. It’s a beautiful mixture of chamber pop and chamber jazz, with plenty of sumptuous melodies, lush harmonies, some Canterbury scene and lashings of Kenny Wheeler-style trumpet. The album can be downloaded in CD quality from http://oceantango.bandcamp.com, where you can also pre-order a physical CD version. (I’m also very proud to report that The Munich Train runs into a tune I wrote called In Flight – probably the last time my name appears cheek-by-jowl with Jonathan’s. Unless, of course, he ever gets invited onto The One Show).

    Chris Evans


    Thanks Chris. I can warmly recommend this album to everyone who visits this board – not just because of the Coe connection, but because it’s really beautiful. People who’ve never heard Louis or Testbild! – either together or separately – are definitely missing out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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