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    First, sorry for my english (I’m French and I might do some mistakes!).
    I’m a very big admirer of Jonathan Coe’s novels, especially "The House of Sleep" and "The Rain Before It Falls", which I’ ve been reading several times. These books are a constant inspiration for me, and, may I dare say, helped me in my personal life when times were difficult.
    I found very interesting to read that Mr Coe included writers such as Henry Fielding, BS Johnson, Rosamond Lehmann, Flann O’Brien, Kazuo Ishiguro, Barbara Trapido, Bohumil Hrabal, Haruki Murakami in his favorite authors list; I’m not familiar with some of these writers, but I really looking forward to start discovering their work.
    I was wondering if Mr Coe could give us a list of his top ten (or even better, top twenty!) favorite books, just out of curiosity…Which ones does he like the most?
    Greetings from Brest (France)


    Hello François

    It sounds like this should be the subject of a blog. I’ll try to have a think and post a list in the not-too-distant future.

    Meanwhile, thank you for your kind words.



    Dear François,

    Thank you for asking this question!

    Dear Jonathan,

    I would be very interested as well to learn more about your favorite books.
    I am a huge fan of What a carve up and The house of sleep, which I’ve been reading again and again in French and in English.
    I have just read your last book – which I have reviewed in my blog – and I must say I was a little bit "upset" at first with the end.
    Now, I only think about reading your biography of BS Johnson, the only book from you I still have to read.

    I am always looking forward to reading your next book and now I will have to wait long that’s for sure…

    Sorry if my English seems clumsy, I’m as French as François!

    With my greatest admiration


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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