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    Welcome to the Jonathan Coe message board.

    We’ve tried to keep things simple. (So if you are familiar with phpBB, the board software being used, you may notice that some of the bells and whistles have been removed.)

    If you want to post to the board, you’ll need to register, which involves choosing a user name and password and providing your email address. You’ll be sent an activation email – follow the instructions it contains to active your account.

    You must login before you can post new topics or replies. You don’t have to login if you only want to browse the board, but we advise that you do – if you’re logged in, the board remembers when you’ve read a post, and the "View unread posts" link is then useful.

    Once logged in, you can change your password and/or email address by clicking "User Control Panel", then "Profile", then "Edit account settings".

    For the moment, new posts won’t appear until approved by the moderator, which might take a day or two. We hope to remove that restriction once the board has been running for a while.

    If you have any problems or queries about the message board, post a reply here and we’ll try to help.



    We’ve made a few changes to the board:

    Uploading of images with posts is now allowed.

    When posting, click the blue Upload Attachment tab below the main text box, select your image file and click Add The File. If accepted, it should appear beneath Posted Attachments. Place the cursor in the text of your post where you want the image to appear, and click Place Inline. (Until you click Preview or Submit, you will see a little bit of gobbledygook containing the image filename rather than than the actual picture.)

    Here’s an example:

    Images appear as thumbnails which readers can click to view full size.


    We’ve made a few changes to the board:

    You can include an image from the web in a post, without having to upload it yourself.

    Click the Img button in the toolbar which now appears above the main text box. This inserts the following:


    Now just type the image URL between the tags. For example:


    There are also text formatting options available from the toolbar. These insert various other tags into your post which determine how it will be formatted when someone reads it. Have a play – you can always click Preview to see how your post will appear, and re-edit as necessary before clicking Submit.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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