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    The first book I read was The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim.
    I have just had an eye operation which has kept me off work but I can still read and have in fact read more during the past eight weeks than for as long as I can remember, all of these new pleasures have been written by Jonathan Coe.
    I really enjoyed Maxwell and that made me look for more which led me to The Closed Circle and again I found it difficult to put this book down.
    Next was The Dwarves of Death which although I enjoyed as it was different to what I had experienced from Jonathan so far I had by now found out about The Rotters Club which I had already bought and could not wait to start so the last page of Dwarves led me straight into reading about how Benjamin, Paul, Cicely and friends or foes had started out.
    I spent my late teenage years and then my early working life in Birmingham and reading Rotters I could experience my past life through the pages, drinking in The Tavern in the Town, walking past The Odeon in New Sttreet, driving up The Bristol Road, delivering parts to Longbridge.
    As I write this I have about 50 pages left to read of The Rotters Club and I dont want it to end, what will I do then, my trip back in time will have ended.
    All I can say is Jonathan thank you for making me young again

    Paul Roberts


    Thank you, Paul, for taking the time to post. It’s comments like yours that keep me writing!


    oh gosh!
    you did read first The Closed Circle and then The Rotter’s Club! i feel so sorry for you!


    I think it would be an interesting experiment. At least, it would have been interesting for my thesis on character profile building and the Theory of Mind. But I’m not sure whether it would give a satisfactory reading.


    ‘toompea’ is that a name or what?
    Why do you feel sorry for me reading the books in the order I did.
    When I read The Closed Circle I didnt know The Rotters Club existed and when I did I bought it and read it
    Reading them in the order I did did not in any way make any difference to the enjoyment I was able to take from these two novels
    Do you only have a limited way of reading and if you find a new novel by a writer you have not come accross before, if you read a book by that person are you not able to read anything they may have written before
    I am interested, well, slightly why you feel sorry for me and I what on earth does toompea mean


    Dear Paul,
    Toompea is neithter my name, nor my surname 🙂
    it’s the center of Tallinn, the Estonian capital city which belongs to me a lot, even though I was born and raised in Rome, Italy.

    I’d like to stand my apologize to you if I seemed, how shall I put this?, peremptory. I think if there’s someone to blame, that one should be our beloved Jonathan. all the events of The Rotter’s Club and then The Closed Circle affected my young life quite a lot and thought, wrongly, that my way of living the story was the right one. how naive!

    a curiosity, since you’ve turned the order of the story upside down, how did you live the events of Miriam?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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