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    Hi Jonathan, I’m a great fan of your books.
    I read you’re coming to Milan, for the Milanesiana events and for introducing your last novel.
    I bought it in english… I couldn’t wait and I prefer reading your original prose.
    I’m just at the beginning, but it sounds good, as always !
    When will you be here? I’d like to come to your lecture.
    I loved your novels so much… My favourite is "The House of Sleep".
    Best wishes
    Eleonora Vasta


    Dear Eleonora, I’ll answer you for now. I’ve read Jonathan is coming to Milan on July 12th at the Teatro Dal Verme, the cost of the ticket should be 10 euros. There will be readings from Patrick McGrath, George Romero and JC as well as a concert with Paolo Fresu, Trilok Gurtu, Omar Sosa. Should be good!
    I hope to be able to come (I live in Como)! See you there, maybe! Claudia


    Hi Eleonora – yes, Claudia has the details all correct, and they should also be on the News page of this site. Apart from that, I don’t know much about the event myself, except that all the guests are meant to be talking on the theme of "paradox". I hope it isn’t too formal, and that there are plenty of opportunities to talk to readers afterwards. Looking forward to seeing you and Claudia and anyone else who can come along. Please spread the word! J.


    Oh! I see in your news that you’ll be in Milan at middady the following day too, which is definitely easier for me as I can get the train. I’ll try to come on the Monday night too, but I’m happy there’s another chance. The datails I posted yesterday came directly form the Milanesiana website, I had missed that part! 🙂


    Me again, just to tell whoever is interested that for Tuesday at 12 noon it is necessary to book at 02 87387707; the place is called Sala Buzzati in via Balzani (it’s a Corriere della Sera meeting room). I have reserved a seat as I’m still not sure about Monday night.


    Hello Mr. Coe, thank you very much for your reading yesterday night in Milan. I really enjoyed your text and the whole event as well. It was very kind of you to stay afterwards to sign books for us.
    @ Uppa: I’m from Como as well, next time Mr. Coe comes to Milan (or to Como, why not?) we will attend the event together!


    Hi Jonathan, it was really nice to meet you today!

    Actually I think that The House of Sleep, together with Bulgakov’ Master and Marguerite, Marquez’ One Hundred Years of Solitude and Saramago’ Gospel according to Jesus Christ, is a novel that deeply influenced me. As like for the other novels I mentioned, I was mermerised by the structure of the novel, not only by the plot.

    And now I have a question. I don’t know if you will answer, because often authors don’t like to do exegesis of their own texts, but among my friends there is a long "querelle" about the end of The House of Sleep: me and two other friends, we think that Sara’s reaction at Robert’s words "Sarah, it is me, it is Robert" is terrifying: in few seconds the reader – and Robert with him – understands that everything was made in vain. Sarah is not interested in having an affair with Roberth. Or maybe no more. So, becoming a woman, for Robert, was just an useless sufference.
    There is another "party" who believes, at the opposite, that the end of the novel is the beginning of a new history: somehow, they will stay together.
    Who’s right?

    Enjoy your staying in Italy.
    Best wishes to you and to your family.


    Hi everyone,
    I was too there in Milan for Jonathan and I would like to thank him just for being so kind to me …
    I’m the girl who gave you a key usb shoe-shaped, and then I’m here because I take this opportunity to join eleonora to find your answers on the question about "House of sleep" …

    Thank you once again ♥♥♥


    @ everyone who came to see me in Milan – thanks for coming! I had a good time, it’s always a pleasure to do something with Patrick McGrath and it was wonderful for me to meet George Romero. Such an interesting man. As for the text I read on Monday evening, "The Paradox of Satire", I think it was published in Corriere della Sera the same day, but I’ll also try to post it on this site soon.

    @ choccolata – I just read the letter you wrote to me and I’ll reply as soon as I get home. (I’m still in Italy, writing this in my hotel room in Lecce)

    @ eleonora – your question about The House of Sleep is really interesting. I think I will get the administrators of this site to move it into a new thread especially on that novel, and (again), I’ll reply after I get back to London at the weekend.

    Thanks again everyone!


    Hello everyone, I just read about the suggested possibility to open a specific thread on The House of Sleep and wanted just to say that I couldn’t agree more, since it is one of Coe’s novels which keeps fascinating me most, both from the idiosyncratic pov of the romance and the reading-identification, and from the more theoretical one of style, structure and narrative. Looking forward to this wonderful discussion (and waiting for Coe’s comment about the end). All the best, Orsetta


    I was there on Tuesday and it was a very inspiring (after)noon!
    Didn’t my Italian new friends think that the only incomprehensible bit was when EG spoke? I don’t know how the translator managed! He has done brilliant work for Rai3 but I hate his Italianate intellectuality…
    I look forward to the new thread on The House of Sleep as it was the first novel by Jonathan that I ever read (completely by chance). I was actually going to re-read it because it’s been a long time and my memory is bad indeed! 🙂

    , I do hope we can meet some time. It would be lovely to have Jonathan for Parolario in September… I’ll ask someone if they know someone…
    Meanwhile, did you notice the interview on La Provincia yesterday? As I found out on Tuesday that it was going to be published (I know both the interviewer and the person responsible for the page) I asked whether this webiste could be advertised; unfortunately it was mentioned but with no address to it… I also reprimanded Severino’s poor mathematical skills when I read the article yesterday: he made a "slight" mistake calculating J’s age… Anyway, it’s on page 50 (the date was July 15th) and is accessible online if you register (registration is free). I have downloaded the pdf and you can write to me if you want it cantaluppi@setificio.com
    I’m glad this message board has livened up in spite of my not very good skills at advertising it. Thanks again Jonathan for the opportunity that you give us.

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