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    One of my friends recently published a quote from Coe.

    "Noi diciamo sempre "Vuoi salire a prendere un caffè?" come se fosse meno spaventoso riconoscere di essere dipendenti dalle bevande blandamente stimolanti piuttosto che ammettere di esser del tutto dipendenti dalla compagnia di altre persone.

    That in English should sound smt like:
    "We always say: "Why don’t you come upstairs and have a cup of coffee?", as if it were less scary to recognize we are dependent from mildly stimulating beverages rather than admitting we are totally dependent on other people’s company"

    [I posted it in italian too as I saw there are many Italians writing on this board]

    What i wanted to ask is: since i am quite sure i never read anything from Coe (I know, shame on me, I will, sooner or later (:) but i had heard this quote already, can you tell me if it was used in some movie/tv show?

    I really hope you can help, i spent the last hour searching everywhere- i hate the sensation of not being able to recall things.

    Good Night or good whatever, depending on your location!


    Sounds familiar to me as well. But I really can’t recall this quote. Maybe it’s from Maxwell Sim? I really don’t know.


    The quotation is from The Accidental Woman, chapter 3, ‘Two Companions’ (p. 43 in the English edition). However, if you think you heard it on a TV show or in a movie, I don’t know where that would be. This novel has never been adapted for the screen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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