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    I am a german and my english is not good enough to enjoy Jonathan Coe’s originals. I depend on good translations.

    I can’t judge the quality of a translation per se. I can ony evaluate the style of the resulting german language.

    His previous books obviously had been translated very carefully: The languages of the protagonists did always resemble their rules in the novels.

    Not so this time. If you pick a random sentence spoken by one of the literary characters, you couldn’t distinguish their style of speech. Even worse, the oblique speech and narrative passages are clumsy; it´s a mixture of affected, unfamiliar terms and plain, artless grammar which pretends to be modern.

    The resulting book makes no good reading at all. If it was my first J.C.-book, I would blame the author.

    Please forgive me this negative comment, maybe my words are too harsh for the occasional reader without any linguistic skills that I am. But I couldn’t hold back with it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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