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    Hi! Last night, after the presentation of "The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim" in Florence, I learnt from Mr Coe that a mise en espace of the Diary of an Obsession (which I made an authorised translation of for an Italian journal in 2007) had been organised in Siena. Searching for any information about it, I found out that it had been scheduled on March 14th and 15th 2009. Since I would have liked it very much to know more details about it, I wrote to the Director, Mila Moretti, who called me today in order to speak a bit about Mr. Coe’s works and to try to arrange to meet each other. We will probably make it right after summer, and I just wanted to thank Mr Coe, who informed be about the past event and suggested that I may ‘detect’ a bit on it.
    Some information may be found here: http://www.teatro2.org/index.php?id=170, while I will write again as soon as I meet the Director (who told me that would like it very much to work again on Coe’s work).
    Thank you again! Orsetta


    Thanks very much for posting the link, Orsetta. I would have liked to see this production – maybe if the theatre group ever does it again, I can make the trip to Italy to be in the audience.

    It was lovely meeting you in Florence and thanks for the copy of "Culture del testo". Please stay around and keep posting here!



    🙂 of course I will. By the way, on another part of the same website, there is also the e-mail of Mila Moretti, I post it here as well: http://www.teatro2.org/index.php?id=32.
    She is really very warm, friendly and enthusiastic, and more than happy to collaborate on literary projects like this one was. I do hope to get more information and ideas when I meet her in September, and I’ll let you know. All the best, Orsetta

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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