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    Dear Jonathan

    It’s been a very long time since I was on this messageboard, I do apologize for that. Hope to be a bit more active in the future again.

    I have read ‘Like a Fiery Elephant’ with much affection and have read a few of B.S. Johnson’s novels (after a rather long quest to find them), as I was so absorbed by your biography of him. At times I could really emphasize with him, as he must have been a very recognizable character himself. And a very tragic one indeed!

    I’ve taken the liberty of writing a short article about him myself. I must say that the two novels I read were quite unlike anything I had read so far. They have inspired while struggling with a novel I’ve been writing for the last couple of years. How could I not be inspired by a man who so eagerly wanted to experiment and throw nearly every rule of fiction overboard. You’re definitely right that he’d deserved way more attention and recognition in his own time.

    Should anyone be interested in reading the article, here it is: http://gertvanlerberghe.blogspot.be/201 … hnson.html It might be an interesting starting point for a discussion amongst the few people who have actually read him. I should go and look for some of his other work that is lying under many layers of dust somewhere in an Antwerp library storeroom.

    Hope to meet you again. I might have missed your ‘Number 11’ visit to Belgium, if indeed you did come over.

    Warm regards

    Gert Vanlerberghe

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