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    Hello from Athens, Greece,

    I ‘m putting the finishing touches on the assignment I have to give in next week, to get my degree in translation from English to Greek. Jonathan is my favourite writer so I chose the first fifty pages from the third part of "A Touch of Love" (ending with Robin jumping off Aparna’s balcony…). I seem to be in trouble because I can’t figure out who Lawrence is, so that I can write a footnote. In the imaginary dialogue that Robin has with a tv presenter there are some lines about Robin’s loss of faith in politics, where he states: "I was trying to satirize him at the time, but now I would agree with Lawrence about the naivety of much of what passes for political activity."
    Could it be T.E. Lawrence, because of his aforism "Making war upon insurgents is messy and slow, like eating soup with a knife"?
    Could anybody, please, enlighten me on this?
    Thank you so much
    Warm greetings


    Hi Lena, welcome to the Rotters’ Club!
    My first choice would be D.H. Lawrence because of his dim view of politics. But T.E. Lawrence is another reasonable option. Jonathan will have the last word, of course.


    Well, for once even the mighty Paolo is wrong. Robin is not referring to a writer at all – the Lawrence in question is the central character of his story ‘The Lucky Man’, which begins on p. 93 of the Penguin edition. J


    Thank you, Jonathan! It’s clearly been too long since I read the book. It’s well time for a second reading…
    All of us here hope it’s all right with you travelling all around the world (by the way, I’ve recently seen you on TV, at "Parla con me". What a nice view! If someone likes to watch the interview here it is the link: http://www.parlaconme.rai.it/dl/portali … 2b671.html)



    thank you so much for the spontaneous welcome and your eagerness to help.

    Dear Mr Coe,
    I am more than thankful for your immediate response and I feel more than an idiot to look for the answer everywhere else except for right under my nose..!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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