Loggerheads and Other Stories


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First published: 2014

Print ISBN: B00KFU0M0S

Loggerheads and Other Stories


Loggerheads and Other Stories is a collection of all my short stories written prior to 2013. In the UK it is available only as a Kindle e-book. Essentially it is an expansion of the collection 9th and 13th which Penguin published in 2005. It contains seven stories:

9th and 13th




Ivy and Her Nonsense


Rotary Park

The stories ‘9th and 13th’ and ‘Pentatonic’ were written to be performed to music by Danny Manners, and in my view this is the best way to experience them. You can hear ‘9th and 13th’ on Spotify here, and buy ‘Pentatonic’ as an audiobook here.

Since compiling Loggerheads I have written one more short story, ‘Canadians Can’t Flirt’, collected in the Henry James-inspired anthology Tales From A Master’s Notebook (Vintage, 2018). This story introduces the characters of Lionel Hampshire (a prizewinning British novelist) and the journalist Hermione Dawes, both of whom reappear in Middle England. 

The Italian print edition of Loggerheads, Disaccordi imperfetti, also contains the autobiographical essay ‘Diary of an Obsession’, an account of my lifelong relationship with the Billy Wilder film The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. (Which can also be read here.) The French edition is much shorter: it contains ‘Diary of an Obsession’ but omits ‘Loggerheads’, ‘Leiden’, ‘Pentatonic’ and ‘Rotary Park’.

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