”When What a Carve Up! was first published in 1994, Penguin had the idea of printing a special set of playing cards, based on the famous old English game Happy Families, but with cartoons of the Winshaw family instead of the familiar characters. Everybody liked these illustrations so much they were eventually included in the book itself (although a different, more sinister picture of Dorothy was used). To this day, I have never discovered the name of the artist who produced these fine drawings. Whoever it was, if you're reading this, please step forward and introduce yourself!“


  • Dorothy Winshaw playing card
  • Henry Winshaw playing card
  • Hilary Winshaw playing card
  • Mark Winshaw playing card
  • Mortimor Winshaw playing card
  • Roddy Winshaw playing card
  • Tabitha Winshaw playing card
  • Thomas Winshaw playing card


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